The Following Information is Being Released by Illinois State Police District 14


Due to the National Weather Services predicted winter storm, which is forecast to impact the area, the Illinois State Police District 14, Macomb, would like to remind citizens of some winter driving and safety tips.


Currently this storm is predicted to bring between five and seven inches of snow with blowing and drifting conditions. The National Weather Service has indicated that conditions will deteriorate rapidly once the snow begins. Travel will become hazardous due to poor visibility and the roads becoming quickly snow and ice covered.


Some precautions to take prior to and after the storms arrival include:


Check the latest weather condition information on your radio or television before venturing out.


Plan your travel, LEAVE EARLY and don’t wait until the last minute.


Let someone know your travel route and itinerary so that, if you don’t arrive on time, officials will know where to search for you.


Drive carefully and defensively. Watch for ice patches on bridges and overpasses.


If your vehicle should become disabled, stay with the vehicle, running your engine and heater for short intervals. Be sure to “crack” a window in the vehicle to avoid carbon monoxide build-up. Be sure to periodically check the exhaust pipe to make sure it is clear of snow or debris.


Place extra coats, gloves, hats, socks and other cold weather clothing in your vehicle, this can include blankets and sleeping bags.


Make sure your vehicle has a full tank of gas prior to traveling.


Make sure your cell phone has a full charge and have a car charger with you.


It is also recommended to have some food and water in your vehicle as well as matches or a lighter, a candle and a flashlight.


If for any reason you must abandon your vehicle, please place your name, current address and a telephone or cell phone number on a piece of paper and leave it in the vehicle on the front seat. This will aid officials in locating you at a later time.


With any winter storm, road conditions can change rapidly. The Illinois State Police D-14 would like to remind all motorists to be aware of the potential problems and difficulties associated with this type of weather system.


For further information on Winter Driving Tips as well as a Suggested Winter Emergency Survival Kit, log onto Then look under the “Traffic” heading on the left side of the main screen.




























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