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Illinois Summary

Remember To Set Clocks Forward This Weekend

(Undated)  --  Don't forget to set your clocks forward this weekend.  Daylight Saving Time begins at two in the morning this Sunday.  That means you'll lose an hour of sleep but the trade off is an extra hour of daylight from now until November. 

State Reps Approve Cap For Pensionable Salary

(Springfield, IL)  --  State reps are on board with a plan to cap pensionable salaries for state workers.  All current workers would be capped at 113-thousand dollars but it wouldn't impact anyone making more than that now.  Those workers would be capped at their current, higher salary level.  State reps voted yes on the proposal during a test vote yesterday and it could eventually become part of a larger pension fix.

Illinois Slow On Licensing Doctors

(Springfield, IL)  --  Doctors, surgeons, and medical students aren't coming to Illinois because it takes too long to get licensed.  The Department of Financial and Professional Regulation had to cut their staff and now they're having a hard time keeping up with applicants.  State lawmakers have approved a plan that would allow the department to borrow 660-million dollars to rehire the workers.  They'd raise doctor fees from 300 to 700 dollars every three years in order to pay the loan back.  The bill just needs the governor's signature.

Kids May Not Have To Report HIV Status To Schools

(Springfield, IL)  --  Lawmakers are trying to reverse a law that requires students to tell their schools if their HIV positive.  Representative LaShawn Ford says school officials shouldn't just assume someone is HIV negative when there's an incident involving blood.   He says treating everyone as if they're HIV positive will help prevent the spread of the disease.  His bill passed in the House and is headed to the Senate.

Rockford School District Gets Credit Upgrade

(Rockford, IL)  --  The state may be struggling to manage money but Rockford School District 205 is faring well.  Standard & Poor's just upped the district's credit rating.  The agency cites the district's financial performance and conservative budget as reasons for the upgrade.  The better rating means taxpayers in the area could save about three million dollars in interest on an upcoming bond sale.

Three People Critical After Plant Explosion

(Undated)  --  Three critically-injured people are among the victims of an explosion at a southern Illinois steel plant.  Authorities outside St. Louis say as many as ten people are hurt.  The explosion happened yesterday morning at American Steel Foundaries, maker of railway-related equipment.  Seven people were treated for smoke inhalation.  The cause is under investigation.

Officers Save Two Girls From Icy Tinley Park Pond

(Chicago, IL)  --  Chicago-area police are being lauded this morning for their heroism in pulling two young teenage girls from an icy retention pond.  Three Tinley Park police officers rescued the girls yesterday afternoon from a six-feet-deep pond near a condo in that community.  The girls reportedly wandered 20-feet from the shoreline and broke through the ice.  The officers formed a human chain to drag the girls to safety without injury.

Cops:  Firearms Apps Need Improving

(Springfield, IL)  --  Illinois officials are improving the state's system for firearms applications involving someone with a mental health problem.  State officials are attempting to improve the way mental health records are delivered to federal officials.  Illinois State police say more needs to be done.  So far the Illinois General Assembly says it will enact rules by a June 8th deadline.

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