Snow Blankets Area

(St. Louis, MO)  --  Spring is not off to a good start in our area.  The National Weather Service says some of the metro area got up to 12 inches of snow last night.  Lighter snow's expected throughout today.  Crews with the Department of Transportation are asking everyone to slow down and watch out for the snowplows.

Trailer Fire Claims Three

(Union, MO)  --  Investigators continue checking into a trailer-home fire that claimed three lives Friday night.  Firefighters say the flames were so intense, it was impossible to save Samantha Cooksey, seven-year-old Allison Cooksey, and one-year-old Logan Berger.  Union FPD Chief, Russell Hamilton says it appears the fire was an accident.

Sign Accident Mom Unconscious

(Montgomery, AL)  --  A Kansas City, Kansas woman whose son was killed in a Birmingham airport is still unconscious.  Officials say Heather Bresette, who suffered broken ankles and a crushed pelvis, is in serious condition.  Her son, Luke, was killed.  The Bresettes were returning home from a Florida vacation when the accident happened.

Free Cell Phone Proposal

(Washington, DC)  --  Missouri Senator Clair McCaskill has proposed ending the federal free cellphone program.  McCaskill says Lifeline is not only riddled with fraud and abuse, the government should not be giving away cellphones.  Supporters say it's a few bad apples ruining the program for everyone.

Sequester Threatening Research Funding

(St. Louis, MO)  --  Federal budget cuts aren't affecting just the military.  Local research universities, like Washington University, could also lose millions.  The school gets the majority of its funding through the National Institutes for Health.  School officials say that agency has to trim its multi-billion-dollar budget by at least five percent.

Over A Foot Of Snow Recorded At Lambert

(St. Louis, MO)  --  Over a foot of snow has been recorded at Lambert Airport in the last 24-hours.  Fifteen inches was reported across the river in Godfrey, Illinois.  Snow showers are expected to continue through today with flurries overnight.

Winds Continue To Push Snow Back On Area Roadways

(St. Louis, MO)  --  MODOT and IDOT crews worked all night fighting blowing snow on the metro area roads.  Snow showers combined with gusty winds meant dicey driving conditions, with problems expected to continue into morning drive.  Side streets and rural roads will be most treacherous as crews focus on main thoroughfares.

Massive Cancellations On Both Sides Of The River

(St. Louis, MO)  --  Massive cancellations are being reported on both sides of the river.  Almost all schools and universities will not have classes today.  If in doubt, call ahead.

Senator McCaskill Speaks Out For Gay Marriage

(Jefferson City, MO)  --  Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill spoke for gay marriage in a blog posted Sunday night on tumblr.  It is reportedly the first time she has spoke publicly on the highly debated topic.  McCaskill stated "I have come to the conclusion that our government should not limit the right to marry based on who you love."

Some City Buses Running On Snow Routes Or Behind Schedule

(St. Louis, MO)  --  Metro Transit reports some city buses are running on snow routes or behind schedule.  There are no Metrolink problems reported but commuters are urged to use caution on boarding platforms.  New information will be updated throughout the day at

Check Ahead On Flight Status

(St. Louis, MO)   --  Check ahead on flight status if your plans today include air travel.  Over one-hundred flights were reportedly cancelled in the last 24-hours at Lambert.  As heavy snow moves east today, expect additional delays and possibly more cancellations.  Information on all flights can be found at

Memorial Service For Missouri's Former Prison Head

(Colorado Springs, CO)  --  A public memorial service will be held today for Missouri's former prison head.  Tom Clements was gunned down last week at his Colorado home.  Clements was born and raised in the St. Louis area and was the head of Missouri's prison system for over thirty-years.  Today's service is scheduled for 10 a.m. at New Life Church in Colorado Springs.

FAA Tower Closures Include St. Louis Regional

(Alton, IL)  --  The budget sequester prompts FAA officials to shutter dozens of towers including Alton-based St. Louis Regional.  A total of 149 towers will begin closing the first week of April.  See the entire list at


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