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Union To Take Second Vote On Contract Deal

(Springfield, IL)  --  Union workers could soon vote to reject a recent contract with the state.  AFSCME reps say the workers originally approved the deal thinking the state would drop an appeal against a court ruling ordering Governor Quinn to dish out millions of dollars in back-pay.  Quinn has asked Attorney General Lisa Madigan to drop the suit but union leaders say she's refused.  State workers will complete the second round of voting in the next few weeks and if they refuse to re-approve the deal, they may be back at the bargaining table.

Teens Can Soon Buy Morning After Bill

(Undated)  --   The Morning After Pill will soon be available over-the-counter to teens 15 and older.  The FDA announced the decision yesterday but there is a catch.  The teens would be required to show a legal document confirming their age, like a driver's license or state issued ID.    The idea is to cut back on the number of teen parents across the nation.  According to the CDC, about 33 out of every one thousand births in Illinois in 2010 were to mothers between the ages of 15 and 19.

Madigan Introduces Pension Plan

(Springfield, IL)  --  House Speaker Michael Madigan is looking for support on his plan to get the state's pensions systems under control.   He's behind a bill that would cap salaries for Tier One workers at about 110-thousand dollars, it would increase the retirement age, and up employee contributions by two-percent.  Madigan will present the bill in committee just after 8:00 this morning.  Union members call the plan unfair and say it will likely be challenged in court.

Fracking Bill Being Held Hostage In Springfield

(Springfield, IL)  --  Illinois has a chance to break into the oil industry, but a plan that would make it happen is being held hostage in the House.  Nearly two dozen lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are on board with a plan to bring fracking to Illinois.  It would allow companies to drill oil out of shale rocks buried deep underground.  Supporters say it could create thousands of jobs but  Dawn Dannenbring, with Illinois People's Action, wonders how much those jobs will be worth if people have to sacrifice clean water and clean air.

Manchester Family To Be Laid To Rest

(Manchester, IL)  --  The family killed in Manchester is being laid to rest today.  Services will be at Daws Funeral Home in Roodhouse at 10:00a.m.  James Ralston and Brittney Luark were killed last Wednesday after a man broke into their home and shot everyone inside.  The couple's two sons were also killed, along with Luark's grandmother.  Trust funds have been set up to help cover funeral costs at People's Bank and Trust in White Hall and Carrollton Bank in Carrollton.

Obama Picks Three For IL Judgeships

(Undated)  --  President Obama is releasing the names of his three nominees for Illinois federal judgeships.  The President tabbed named private attorney Sara Lee Ellis and Andrea Wood -- the counsel for the S-E-C -- to the Northern District of Chicago.  Meanwhile, assistant U.S. attorney Colin Bruce has been picked for the judgeship of Springfield's Central District.  The President's nominations await conformation by the United States Senate.

IL Consumer Confidence Grows

(Undated)  --  Good news for Illinois retailers - consumer confidence is on the upswing.  The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index finds that for the third straight month Illinois consumer confidence increased, this time by two points to 69-point-three.  April's consumer confidence was higher across the nation.  However, Illinois' confidence number remains well-below the 90-point minimum used to gauge what experts consider a "healthy economy."       

IL Drivers Paying Higher For Gas This Spring

(Springfield, IL)  --  The price of gasoline continues to rise for drivers across the state of Illinois.  According to Triple-A drivers nationwide are paying the lowest springtime gas prices in three-years.  That's discouraging news for Illinoisans as the average price there has risen to three-91-per-gallon, the third-highest in the nation.  Chicago drivers are charged even more, with an average price of four-32-per-gallon.

January 19th Will Be 'Stan Musial Day' In IL

(Undated)  --  The late great baseball legend Stan Musial will receive the state of Illinois' ultimate honor with a decision yesterday by the House of Representatives.  Next January 19th will be designated "Stan Musial Day" across Illinois.  Regarded as the St. Louis Cardinals' greatest player of all-time the Hall of Famer spent all 22-years of his career as a Redbird.  Musial passed away this past January 19th at the age of 92.


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