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MetroSource News 06/13/2013
Illinois Summary

>>Madigan Completely Rewrites Senate Pension Bill

(Chicago, IL)  --  House Speaker Michael Madigan is making it clear he doesn’t want to deal on pensions.  He completely gutted the senate bill yesterday and rewrote it using the exact same language as his own bill, which already cleared the House but failed in the senate.  The move comes as somewhat of a slap in the face to Governor Quinn and Senate President John Cullerton, who planned to combine the bills and call it for a vote next week.  Madigan says combining the bills is just too complicated.  He wants the senate to pass his bill because it saves the most money.

>>GOP Lawmakers Push to Make College More Affordable

(Chicago, IL)  --  Lawmakers are trying to make it more appealing for Illinois students to stay in state for college.  A group of Republican state reps introduced the College Affordability plan, which would give families a one-thousand-dollar tax credit if their child or children attends a public university in Illinois.   They also want to create a new 529 savings plan which allows families to bank up to 10-thousand-dollars every year toward higher education.  House GOP Leader Tom Cross says the measures will help families deal with the rising costs of college.

>>Campaign Kickoffs Via Video Gaining Popularity

(Springfield, IL)  --  Political candidates are turning to technology to get their messages across.  Two of the three candidates running for governor have announced their campaign through online videos.  It may seem a bit impersonal but political scientist Chris Mooney says it gives the candidates a bit more control of the message and the image they want to get across.  He says the video announcements won’t likely hurt the campaigns, but the candidates will eventually have to face the crowds and answer the tough questions.

>>Animal Control Officers Want To Carry Guns

(Williamson County, IL)  --  Animal control officers in Williamson County want the right to carry guns.  The request comes just one month after an officer was attacked by a vicious dog, and left with bite wounds on his arms and legs.  The officer says he tried everything to get the dog to back down but the attack only ended when a neighbor shot the animal.  Right now the officers are only allowed to carry mace and a control stick.  They’ve asked county commissioners to consider the change and they should have an answer in the next couple months.

>>Woman’s Body Found At Construction Site

(Decatur, IL)  --  A construction worker got quite the surprise when he showed up for work and found a woman’s body in the bathroom.  Officials say the body was discovered in the middle of the work site, inside a portable toilet, at MacArthur High School early yesterday morning.  They don’t think foul play was involved but they do say there’s some mystery about who she is.  Police say the woman was known to use several aliases and may have lived in several different places.  They believe she’d come to town to get medical attention.

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