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MetroSource News 06/14/2013
Illinois Summary

>>More Counties Approved For Flood Aid

(Springfield, IL)   --  Fifteen more counties have been approved for federal aid after being overtalen by historic flooding this spring.  The approval means businesses and homeowners can get reimbursed for up to 75-percent of their flood related expenses.  Even people with flood insurance are encouraged to apply for federal aid because the feds may pick up the costs of what the insurance companies won't cover.

>>Congresswoman Feels Pain Of Food Challenged People

(Washington, D.C.)  --  One Illinois Congresswoman is challenging herself to eat on just four-dollars and fifty cents a day.  Jan Schakowsky is participating in the SNAP Challenge for the next week, which requires people to put themselves in the shoes of welfare recipients living on reduced food benefits.  Schakowsky says it's tough because on that budget, you almost have to eat all processed foods that are high in sodium, as opposed to fresh produce.  She says participating in the challenge helps her realize the needs of some of the people in her district and makes her want to fight harder to keep Congress from cutting benefits from the program.

>>Attorney General Wants Kill Switch On Cell Phones

(Springfield, IL)  --  Attorney General Lisa Madigan is calling on cell phone manufacturers to add a "kill switch" to their smart phones.  It would shut the phone down if it's reported stolen, making it impossible for anyone else to reactivate it.  Madigan says more than a million people fall prey to cell phone theft and people are even being killed over the devices.  She points to a couple cases in Illinois, including Wheaton's Megan Boken who was gunned down in St. Louis last year when two men tried to rob her and 68-year old Sally Katona-King died of injuries after a 17-year old stole her phone and pushed her down the stairs in an el station in Chicago.

>>Robbery Suspect Shoots Self, Survives

(Rushville, IL)  --  A Rushville man killed himself after trying to rob a pharmacy at County Market. Police say the man did not show a weapon during the robbery attempt yesterday morning.  They say the man left the store and fled to a nearby alley where he allegedly shot himself.  He was taken into custody and later died.

>>Rockford Air Fest Cancelled

(Rockford, IL)  --  The Rockford AirFest has been called off.  The event is pack filled with air stunts including fly-overs and jump teams, but officials say they're cancelling because of federal funding cuts.  Anyone who has already purchased a ticket will receive a refund.

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