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MetroSource News 06/26/2013
Illinois Summary

>>Brady To Announce For Governor Today

(Bloomington, IL)  --  State Senator Bill Brady is announcing his third bid for governor.  He’ll be flying around the state and making his official announcement today, starting with a stop in Chicago at 10:00a.m.  He’ll also make stops in Springfield, Marion, and Bloomington.  Brady lost bids for governor in 2006 and 2010 but he says he’s not giving up on the people of Illinois and hopes to get the state’s finances back on track.

>>Illinois Lawmaker Wants Healthier SNAP Options

(Springfield, IL)  --  Welfare recipients could soon be banned from buying junk foods with their SNAP benefits.  Illinois State Senator Kyle McCarter has filed a resolution in Springfield, calling on Congress to review the food stamp program and improve its nutritional quality.  According to the resolution, allowing people to use government dollars for unhealthy foods contributes to the nation’s obesity epidemic.  The resolution aims to ensure people use the LINK dollars to purchase more fresh fruits and vegetables, which will help obesity and other health problems.

>>IHSA Considers Bumping Class Of Successful Teams

(Springfield, IL)  --  The IHSA is considering a new rule called the “Success factor,” which would bump sports teams up a class if they continue to win in the state post season series.  The agency is reviewing a proposal that would require the state to look at a team’s individual success and dish out points for each round of play.  For example, a team that makes it through round one and two of post-season would get one point.  Tack on two points for winning quarter and semi-finals, and add another three for winning the state title.  Teams that get more than 21 points in three years, and those that gets at least six points a year for three years, would be bumped up.

>>Barge Lawsuit Deadline Extended

(Chicago, IL)  --  A federal judge is allowing two more months for Marseilles flood victims to file lawsuits against Ingram Barge Company.  The company had requested Monday be the filing deadline, but Judge Amy St. Eve is allowing until August 30th.  So far more than 40 people have filed suit.  The lawsuits are centering on whether flooding on April 18th caused seven barges to break loose from a tow and hit the Marseilles dam or whether that crash caused the flooding.

>>Former GOP Chairman Starting Lobby Firm

(Chicago, IL)  --  Former GOP Party Chairman Pat Brady is starting a lobbying firm.  The “Daily Herald” reports Brady is joining forces with former Iowa Republican Chairman Matt Strawn and Chicago business adviser Bob Fitzsimmons to form Next Generation Public Affairs Incorporated.  The firm will provide full-service public affairs to clients with comprehensive and technologically sophisticated media relations strategies.  Brady left his post last month after surviving efforts to have him removed because of his public support gay marriage.

>>Corn All Planted In Illinois

(Undated)  --  Illinois farmers are finally done planting corn, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service.  The NASS says corn planting ended last week.  That gives farmers time to finish planting soybeans, which are about 96 percent complete.  Illinois farmers had a hard time planting crops this spring due to the large amounts of rainfall.

>> Study Shows E-Cigarettes Helpful For Kicking The Habit

(Catania, Italy)  --  A new study shows that E-cigarettes could help smokers kick the habit.  The study, conducted by the University of Catania in Italy, found that switching a group of 300 cigarette smokers over to electronic cigarettes caused some to cut back.  The results found that over an eight month period, 13 percent of the group quit smoking all together.  This is the first clinical trial reported on electronic cigarettes.

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