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>>Lawmakers Back In Springfield Next Week

(Springfield, IL)  --  Governor Pat Quinn’s changes to the concealed carry bill won’t likely stand.  Lawmakers are headed back to Springfield next Tuesday to override Quinn’s amendatory veto.  The governor wants to ensure guns aren’t allowed at bars, that people only carry one gun at a time and that there are less than ten bullets in the gun.  The original bill was passed after give and take from people on both sides of the issue and supporters say Quinn’s changes go too far.

>>Pension Talks Continue

(Chicago, IL)  --  Ten lawmakers are back at the table to hash out the details of pension reform.  The conference committee is meeting at the Bilandic Building in Chicago today.  They have less than a week to strike a deal.  Governor Pat Quinn has given them until July 9th to come up with a compromised plan and he says there will be consequences if they miss the deadline this time.  But, he won’t say what those consequences will be.

>>Drunk Drivers Forced To Put Camera In Cars

(Springfield, IL)  --  Big Brother will be watching people busted for drunk driving in Illinois.  Secretary of State Jesse White says they’re putting cameras in the cars of drivers who use an ignition interlock device.  The device measures the level of alcohol in the driver’s body before allowing the car to start, but drivers find tricky ways to get around the system by letting a friend take the blow test.  Officials say the camera will ensure the right person blows into the device before getting behind the wheel.  Drunk-driving deaths have dropped by 24-percent in Illinois since the BAIID program expanded back in 2009.

>>Jesse Jackson Jr. Sentencing Next Month

(Washington, D.C.)  --  Jesse Jackson Jr. is getting another month before he finds out how much time he’ll spend in prison.  The former Congressman’s sentencing was supposed to be today but a judge has pushed it back to August 14th.  Jackson faces up to five years behind bars for spending 750-thousand dollars of his campaign money on personal items.

>>Sox Call Up 16-Year-Old

(Chicago, IL)  --  The Chicago White Sox are trying to spruce up their roster.  They’ve signed 16-year-old Micker Adolfo Zapata to a one-point-six-million-dollar contract.  He’s a center fielder from the Dominican Republic, and is said to have a strong arm and impressive batting speed.  The Sox have won just 33 of their 80 games this year and are fifth in the American League Central Division.

>>Quinn Upsets Fellow Democrats

(Springfield, IL)  --  Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is getting an earful from fellow Democrats over his surprise decision to change proposed legislation for concealed weapons.  Assistant Majority Leader John Sullivan says Quinn "ignored the will of the people" yesterday when he used his "amendatory veto power" on the bill meant to allow the carrying of concealed weapons.  Some lawmakers are vowing to reject any of Quinn's new provisions.

>>Bloomberg Backs Daley

(Undated)  --  New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is throwing his support behind Bill Daley's run for Illinois Governor.  The Independent Bloomberg issued a video in support of Daley's challenge against Pat Quinn in the next Democratic primary.  In his statement Bloomberg says Daley will "fight for common sense gun safety laws."

>>IL Trucking Firm Sues Pilot Flying J

(Undated)  --  An Illinois trucking company is suing a popular fueling company accused of racketeering.  Arka Logistics says they fell victim to a gas-rebate scam by the Pilot Flying J truck stop chain.  Flying J's headquarters in Tennessee were raided recently as part of a federal investigation by the IRS and FBI.

>>Agency Releases Safety Tips As July Fourth Nears

(Undated)  --  The Fourth of July is tomorrow and for some Illinoisans that might mean a trip to the emergency room.  The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says injuries from fireworks are common but preventable.  Injuries to hands and fingers account for 46-percent of July Fourth E-R visits and officials say the sparkler is the most injury-prone firework.  To help prevent injuries from fireworks the agency says read all warning labels; designate one person who will light the device in a safe place; never re-light a firework you think might be a dud; and have a bucket of water close-by for soaking spent fireworks before they go in the garbage. 

>>Governor Changes Concealed Carry Bill

(Chicago, IL)  --  Governor Pat Quinn used his amendatory veto power to make changes to concealed carry legislation approved by lawmakers. Quinn called the bill flawed and said it had serious safety problems that needed to be addressed. He says it had too many provisions inspired by the NRA and not the common good. The governor says he wants to make sure guns stay out of places where alcohol is served.

>>Phelps Files Motion To Override Concealed Carry Changes

(Chicago, IL)  --  On the same day Governor Pat Quinn used his veto powers to rewrite the state's concealed carry legislation, the sponsor of the bill filed a motion to override the changes. State Representative Brandon Phelps says Quinn went beyond the scope of the constitution in rewriting the bill. Phelps calls the governor's actions political pandering for Chicago. He says there was already a deal in place and it's too late to go back on it. Lawmakers have until Tuesday to meet an appellate court deadline to allow concealed carry. They're expected to be called back to Springfield to figure out what to do next.

>>Governor Pushing For Pension Reform

(Rock Island, IL)  --  With a deadline to reach a deal on pension reform looming, Governor Pat Quinn says there will be consequences if no deal is reached. The governor wants a deal on pension reform in place by July 9th. He believes they've already taken too long to hammer out a deal. He says they get paid to work and there are consequences if they don't do their job. Quinn hasn't said what those consequences would be. The House and Senate each passed their own versions of pension reform, but they haven't reached a compromise to send to the governor. The state has a 98-billion dollar pension shortfall.

>>Disaster Aid Deadline Approaching

(Aurora, IL)  --  Illinois residents have less than a week to apply for federal aid to help with spring flooding and storms. There were 33 counties in Illinois that were declared major disasters after the storms and floods. Over 116-million dollars in federal aid has already been approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. That's gone to more than 46-thousand people. The deadline to sign up for aid is July 9. FEMA says people that still need assistance can apply online for aid.

>>Audit Reveals Lottery Errors

(Springfield, IL)  --  Illinois Auditor General William Holland says the Illinois Lottery has 200-million dollars in reporting errors. His report says the lottery has material weaknesses in its internal financial controls. Holland says the mistakes could result in incorrect financial statements issued by both the lottery and the state of Illinois. He says the problems extend to both personnel and computer systems that generate reports. Lottery Director Michael Jones says the audit is from when the lottery broke off from the Illinois Department of Revenue and blames the problem on Northstar Lottery Group. A spokeswoman for Northstar rejects that claim.

>>Herrin May Search For Massacre Victims

(Herrin, IL) --  The Herrin City Council will decide next week if they want to search for victims of the 1922 Herrin Massacre. The council will vote on if they want to seek a court order to allow some excavation of the city cemetery. Previous attempts to find remains have come up short and an injunction was put in place stopping further excavation. The massacre in 1922 started after strikebreakers were brought in during a coal strike. There were 19 strikebreakers killed and 16 were buried in a potter's field in the cemetery.


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