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>>Concealed Carry Showdown In Springfield

(Springfield, IL)  --  Today is the day the people of Illinois will find out what will and will not be acceptable when it comes to carrying a gun in public.  The original plan, which passed back in May, would allow people to carry more than one gun at a time, and they’d even be allowed to carry the gun in restaurants that sell alcohol.  But Governor Quinn doesn’t like either of those provisions so he wiped them out of the bill, claiming he’s prepared for a showdown on the matter as lawmakers head back to Springfield.  They’re expected to override Quinn’s changes and meet the court ordered deadline which requires they get a law on the books.

>>Madigan Still Undecided For Governor

(Chicago, IL)  --  Campaign season seems to be in full swing, but there’s still no word on whether Lisa Madigan will actually jump in the race for governor.  Madigan has millions of dollars in her war-chest and keeps bringing money in thanks to her fundraising efforts, but she says she’s not sure what her next move is.  Madigan was considered a major threat to the pool of Democratic candidates.   But recent polls reveal voters might be hesitant to vote for her if her dad, powerful House Speaker Michael Madigan, doesn’t step down.

>>State Rep Eyeing Job As Chicago Alderman

(Chicago, IL)  --  State Rep Deb Mell is looking to take over her dad’s post as a Chicago alderman.  She tells NBC 5 she’ll apply for the job.  Her dad, Richard Mell, has held the seat in the 33rd Ward for nearly 40 years but he’s stepping down come July 24th.  Deb says she considers herself a pretty strong candidate and is hopeful she can fill her dad’s shoes.  But, that’ll be determined by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who will choose Richard’s successor because he’s leaving mid-term.  

>>Schnucks Moves To Dismiss Credit Card Breach Lawsuits

(St. Louis, MO)  --  Schnucks is shrugging off the lawsuits filed after nearly two-and-a-half-million credit-cards were breached in their stores.  A handful of customers have filed suit claiming the company failed to secure their private financial information.  But store officials say the customers didn’t suffer any loss because their banks have already compensated them for any fraudulent activity on their credit cards.  Schnucks has filed a motion to have the lawsuits dismissed.

>>Tourism Up In Illinois

(Undated)  --  People who don’t even live in Illinois are pumping billions into the state’s economy.  Ninety-nine million people traveled through Illinois last year to check out some of the main attractions, and they spent more than 31-billion-dollars while they were here.  Southern Illinois is especially faring well.  Travelers decided to stop through the wineries and other events in the southern region, where 22-counties saw about a four percent increase in tourism.  It’s the second year in a row Illinois has seen a record increase in tourists. 

>>Former IL Rep. Running For Old Seat

(Undated)  --  A former Illinois Representative is attempting a comeback to re-gain the seat he once had.  Republican Bobby Schilling announced yesterday his intention to run against current Representative Cheri Bustos in the next election cycle.  Schilling said the people of Illinois deserve someone in office who quote, "understands their worries and values."    

>>Farmers Say IL Rain Is A-O-K

(Undated)  --  Illinois farmers say despite the state witnessing one of its wettest years on record crops are thriving.  The Farm Bureau reminds folks this time last year that farmers were concerned about severe drought conditions and damaged crops.  But the first six months of 2013 have been the wettest months on record in Illinois.  Officials say Illinois' soybean and corn crops will in fact benefit from the additional moisture.

>>Couple Does Its Part To Help Families Of AZ Firemen

(Prospect Heights, IL)  --  A Chicago-area couple won't let geography get in its way of helping the families of the 19 firefighters who died last week fighting Arizona wildfires.  NBC Chicago says Tim and Marta Kelliher of Prospect Heights are giving every penny they get from each sale of a limited edition T-shirt to a relief fund to benefit the families of the "Hot Shot" fire crew who died battling the blaze near Prescott, Arizona.  The T-shirt is being produced at the couple's Illinois business and features the "Hot Shot" crew's seal on the front and names of all 19 fallen firefighters on the back.  The T-shirts can be purchased until July 31st for 25-dollars apiece by logging onto www-dot-events-dot-org-backslash-Prescott19.

>>Hazardous Materials Reports Aren't On Up-And-Up

(Undated)  --  Reports about hazardous materials intended to keep people in Illinois informed about safety hazards may not be as reliable as originally thought.  A new report has found that facilities around the country - including ones in Illinois - aren't doing their job of releasing to the public lists of potentially hazardous chemicals that are stored on their properties.  The reports says facilities from Illinois and Wisconsin actually reported errors and inconsistencies.  The report singled out companies in Bloomington and Seward for oversight of its reporting responsibilities.

>>No Pension Deal Yet

(Springfield, IL)  --  A panel of Illinois lawmakers met Monday to work on coming up with a pension solution. The state is facing a nearly 100-billion dollar pension crisis. Governor Pat Quinn wanted a compromise in place, by today, but the committee says that won't happen. They are going to look at a university-backed retirement funding proposal. The Illinois House and Senate each passed their own versions of pension reform, but they haven't been able to work out a compromise between the different plans. The ten-member committee was formed to try to strike a compromise. Monday's meeting was their third meeting.

>>Governor Expresses Frustration On Pension Reform

(Chicago, IL)  --  Governor Pat Quinn is not happy Illinois lawmakers have not gotten any pension reform solutions to him yet.  He once again warned them that there would be consequences for missing the deadline, but again, he hasn't elaborated what those would be. The governor says lawmakers have broken every deadline he's set for reform and bad things will happen if that keeps up. He says he's been told by bond houses and credit rating agencies what will happen if they don't act and that's why he's pushing for action now. Quinn says he doesn't feel disrespect from the legislature. He says he has the respect of the people of Illinois.

>>Governor Prepared For Concealed Carry Showdown

(Chicago, IL)  --  Governor Pat Quinn says he's ready for a showdown on the concealed carry issue. The governor says the National Rifle Association had too much influence in the concealed carry bill. He doesn't want lawmakers to go back on the changes he made. The governor says he doesn't know anyone that supports weapons and alcohol to mix or allowing people to carry multiple concealed weapons. State Representative Brandon Phelps, who drafted the legislation, says he's confident that lawmakers will be able to overturn the governor's veto of the bill. They're facing a July 9 court-ordered deadline to have some measure of concealed carry for Illinois.

>>Schilling To Seek Former Seat

(Peoria, IL)  --  Former Congressman Bobby Schilling wants to go back to Washington. He's going to seek a rematch with Cheri Bustos in Illinois' 17th Congressional District. The Republican lost to Bustos last fall after first winning the seat in 2010. Schilling says his campaign will focus on middle class families and their values. He believes Bustos doesn't understand middle-class families and says she's failed to act on basic duties while in Washington. Schilling is planning to go on a 14-county middle-class families listening tour.

>>Chris Harris Seeking Retrial In Murder Conviction

(Lincoln, IL)  --  Lawyers for convicted murderer Chris Harris have asked for a new trial. Harris was convicted in May of the 2009 murders of Rick and Ruth Gee and three of their children. He was also convicted of attempted murder for trying to kill a fourth child. Harris' lawyers argue that rulings made by the judge in the case before the trial didn't allow Harris to have a fair trial. A judge will hear the motion for the new trial on July 19 before Harris is sentenced. He's facing life in prison.

>>Toddler With Trachea Transplant Dies

(Peoria, IL)  -- A toddler that received a pioneering trachea transplant in Peoria earlier this year has died. Hannah Warren had the transplant surgery in April. Doctors used her own cells to help make an artificial windpipe. Warren was born without her own windpipe and the surgery was the first successful one on a child using a bio-engineered transplant. Warren died Saturday. She would have turned three in August.


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