>>Heat On Madigan For Unethical Behavior

(Chicago, IL)  --  The heat is on House Speaker Michael Madigan these days for trying to use his power to boost a friend’s salary.  Madigan reportedly asked former Metra CEO, Alex Clifford, several times to increase the salary for Patrick Ward, who’d supported Madigan’s campaign.  Clifford says he refused to accommodate Madigan’s requests even after pressure from Metra board members, and he claims that led to his downfall.  He resigned earlier this year with a whopping 718-thousand dollar severance package, which came with a confidentiality clause.  Many believe the big payout was to keep Clifford quiet about Madigan’s requests.

>>Kid Felons Might Not Be Tried As Adults

(LaSalle County, IL)  --  Seventeen year old felons are allowed to be tried as adults in Illinois, but that’s all changing. Come next year, a new law will go into effect that allows State’s Attorney’s to try kids under 18 in the juvenile court system.  The idea is to cut back on the number of kids in prison by giving them a second chance to turn their lives around.  But, those who commit serious crimes, like murder, will still face the possibility of being tried as an adult.

>>State Catching Up On Unpaid Bills, For Now

(Springfield, IL)  --  The state is finally catching up on its unpaid bills.  Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka says the backlog is down to about six billion dollars.  She says that’s good news, but nothing to shout about just yet.  Come August the debt will be right back up to seven billion and it will sit at nine billion by the end of the year.  Topinka says the debt will just get worse so long as lawmakers keep adding new projects and programs to the budget.

>>Cops Snag 100 Kilos Of Coke Before It Hit The Streets

(Stone Park, IL)  --  One hundred kilos of cocaine never made it to the streets in northern Illinois.  State Police say they busted up a drug operation on Tuesday, in Stone Park, just outside Chicago.  They received a tip about a pick-up-truck carrying drugs and pulled it over for a traffic violation as it was headed into the city.  Police uncovered two rubber tubs filled with coke and 15-thousand dollars cash.  The driver was arrested.

>>Kids Charged With Prophetstown Fire

(Prophetstown, IL)  --  Two young boys are responsible for starting the blaze that left downtown Prophetstown under ashes.  Police say a 12 year-old and a 16-year-old set a recycling bin on fire behind Cindy Jean’s restaurant early Tuesday morning.  The fire spread quickly and destroyed at least eight buildings in the downtown area.  The brothers are from out of town and were staying with their father for the summer.  They’re each charged with felonies including Arson and Criminal Damage to Property.

>>Meals On Wheels Looking For Drivers

(Quincy, IL)  --  Anybody in the Quincy area looking for a volunteer opportunity may want to help deliver food to seniors who can’t get out much.  The Meals on Wheels program needs drivers.  That’s because their volunteer base drops during the summer months.  Call 217-224-5031 for more details.

(Undated)  --  Illinoisans are bracing for extremely hot conditions the next few days.  Illinois Governor Pat Quinn said more than 100 cooling centers have been established around the state.  Heat and humidity will make it feel like 100-degrees and above through Friday.  The National Weather Service said a heat advisory has been issued in northwest Illinois.

>>Accidental Deadly Shooting Of Boy Investigated

(Belleville, IL)  --  Authorities in a small town in southern Illinois are investigating the accidental shooting death of an eleven-year-old boy by his six-year-old friend.  Police in Belleville, Illinois say Tuesday's deadly shooting happened during a family get-together.  Leonard Smith Junior was apparently shot on accident in the head in an upstairs room as the homeowners were downstairs.

>>Doctor Arrested In IL, Awaits Extradition To Nebraska

(Undated)  --  A doctor wanted in Nebraska for murder is being extradited from Illinois to face charges.  Physician Anthony Garcia appeared in a court room in southern Illinois yesterday following his arrest there Monday.  The 40-year-old physician denies the allegations he's a suspect in at least four murder cases that happened five years apart in connection with a Nebraska medical school.

>>IL Officials Target Speeders In Construction Zones

(Springfield, IL)  --  Law enforcement in northwest Illinois will begin a crackdown on speeding motorists.  The Illinois State Police and the state's Department of Transportation say a photo speed enforcement van will be parked in construction zones all around northwest Illinois.  Officials said signs will be posted in those areas warning motorists to slow down.


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