>>Escaped Inmate Arrested In Palestine

(Palestine)  --  An escaped inmate is back in custody after four days on the run.  Authorities received a 911 call from someone that spotted Jared Carter in Palestine, about seven-miles outside of Robinson. Carter was approached by police and asked for ID to which he replied, “You know who I am”.  Carter was arrested without incident.

>>Illinois Congressmen Split On Syria Strike

(Undated)  --  Illinois Congressmen are split when it comes to support for a strike on Syria.  Congressman Adam Kinzinger, a Major in the Air National Guard, is backing the president’s plan but Congressman John Shimkus is a solid no.  He says he doesn’t think the attack is warranted because he hasn’t seen any evidence of a real threat against the U.S. or its allies.  Shimkus thinks the strike will make matters worse, not better.  A spokesman for Congressman Aaron Schock won’t say if Schock supports the plan, but he says he’ll “give great weight to the president’s plan before the House vote.”

>>Quinn Pushes For Minimum Wage Hike

(Chicago, IL)  --  Governor Quinn wants to bump the minimum wage up to ten bucks an hour. Right now, minimum wage workers in Illinois get paid eight-25 and hour, a full dollar more than the feds require.  Quinn says it’s near impossible to raise a family on such a small wage.  Boosting the minimum wage will give workers an extra 48-hundred bucks a year.

>>Child Abuse Going Up In Southern Illinois

(Chicago, IL)  --  Kids in southern Illinois are being abused at alarming rates.  DCFS Director Richard Calica says 69-percent of the kids taken into protective custody in the past year come from the southern region of the state.  Cook County used to be the hotbed for abuse.  Calica says they don’t know what caused the shift but it could be attributed to increased drug usage in southern Illinois, and the fact that the people there have a hard time getting access to services that can help.

>>Speed Cameras In I-57 Work Zones

(Kankakee, IL)  --  Speed cameras are helping bust drivers who are going too fast in highway work zones.  According to IDOT, the cameras are up on I-57 near Kankakee.  The cameras will only snap pictures when workers are present and a sign will be posted letting the driver know that photo enforcements are in place.  The minimum fine for speeding in a work zone is 375-dollars.

>>Fundraiser Underway For Miles Davis Statue

(Alton, IL)  --  A fundraising effort is underway to put a Miles Davis memorial statue in Alton.  Organizers say people can buy a 75-dollar commemorative brick, which will feature three lines highlighting something special in their life.  Businesses can also purchase a brick for 400-bucks each.  The bricks will be used to form a plaza around the Davis statue.  Call 618-467-2375 for more details.

(Robinson, IL)  --  DOC officials say they’ve transferred Jared Carter to a maximum security prison.  Carter walked away from the minimum security Robinson Correctional Center last Friday and was on the run for four days.  He was captured while walking down the street in Palestine yesterday, about seven miles outside of Robinson.  Officials say Carter was taken and transferred back to Robinson for a medical exam and treatment to minor injuries he suffered before being captured.

>>Illinois 16th Most Corrupt State

(Undated)  --  Illinois politicians seem to be heading to the big house more often these days, but believe it or not, the state doesn’t even rank in the top ten for most corrupt places.    “Business Insider” puts Illinois at number 16.  That’s based on the number of public corruption convictions compared to population.  Illinois has only three-and-a-half convictions for every 100-thousand people.  Louisiana leads the pack with nine convictions for every 100-thousand people.

>>Frese Wants Tracy House Seat

(Quincy, IL)  --  At least one person is already claiming dibs on state rep Jil Tracy’s House seat.  Randy Frese tells KHQA-TV he plans to “pursue all options” in order to win the seat.  Frese will need to garner enough support from the community in order to do so, he’ll have to collect signatures like all other candidates and have them turned in by the end of November.  Frese is a former Adams County Clerk who lost a bid for state senate last year.

>>Huskies Upset Iowa In First Win Of Season

(DeKalb, IL)  --  The Northern Illinois Huskies are playing like they have something to prove.  They upset Iowa over the weekend by kicking a field goal in the final seconds of the game and winning by just three points.   The team logged its best record in school history last year, finishing 12-2 after a big defeat at the BCS Orange Bowl.  Returning quarterback Jordan Lynch is looking to build off last year’s success and possible lead the team back to the big game.  The Huskies will host Eastern Illinois in their first home game September 21st.


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