>>Biss: Reform Conversations In Flux

(Chicago, IL)  --  The conversation on pension reform is at a standstill.  State Senator Daniel Biss says finding compromise is proving to be a long, tedious task.  He says members of the conference committee are hashing out every aspect of reform very carefully.  Several options have been up for consideration, including a decrease in employee contributions and changes to annual cost of living adjustments but so far, Biss says nothing has been finalized.

>>Business Leaders Aren’t Backing Minimum Wage Hike

(Springfield, IL)  --  A minimum wage hike sounds good on the surface, but business leaders say it’ll put more people in the unemployment line.  David Vite, with the Illinois Retail Merchants Association, says the state can’t afford to boost the minimum wage because its unemployment rate is nine-point-two-percent, the second highest in the nation.  More than anything, Vite says government leaders need to be looking for ways to make the business climate more competitive with neighboring states like Indiana, Missouri, and Wisconsin.  He says those are the places people will flock to if they keep losing their jobs here in Illinois.

>>Kinzinger: U.N. Staying Quiet Because Of Russia

(Kankakee, IL)  --  Very few Illinois Congressman are supporting the plan to launch a missile strike on Syria.  Some are a bit hesitant because the United Nations hasn’t gotten involved but Congressman Adam Kinzinger says the U.N. is staying quiet because Russia is on the security council.  He says Russia has a vested interest in keeping the Syrian government in place.  According to Kinzinger, Russia has a key naval base in Syria and it sees its ties with the country as a way to keep check on Israel and Turkey.  But, he says the U.S. must step up and take action against Bashar al-Assad for allegedly killing 14-hundred citizens with chemical weapons.

>>Robinson Escapee Acted Alone

(Robinson, IL)  --  It appears the inmate who escaped from a Robinson prison acted alone.  DOC officials say there’s no evidence that suggests anyone inside or outside the prison aided in the escape last Friday.  Jared Carter was captured after a four day manhunt and has been transferred to a maximum security facility.  He’s scheduled for parole in 2016 and at this point, it’s not clear whether he’ll have extra time tacked on to his sentence.  The DOC will forward its findings on to the Crawford County State’s Attorney, who’ll decide if more charges are warranted.

>>Scammers Target Churches

(Williamson County, IL)  --  Scammers are preying on churches.  The Williamson County Sheriff’s Department says several churches have received phone calls from someone claiming to be a “Deputy Robinson” from West Virginia.  The caller goes on to tell the pastor that a church bulletin was found in a car that had been involved in a deadly crash, and asks the pastor to wire money to help the family out.  In another version of the call, the scammer asks the pastor for money to help with the tow bill.  Officials urge pastors and others to be aware of these types of calls and to check for validity before transferring money to someone they don’t know.

>>IL Lawmakers Consider Action On Syria

(Undated)  --  Illinois' contingent of policymakers in Washington, DC is considering whether the U.S. should use military action against Syria.  Democratic Representative Bill Enyart tells the "Tribune" he has to weigh the issues with his constituents here in Illinois before making a decision.  Three of the state's 18 House members tell the "Tribune" they are in favor of military intervention against Syria.     

>>Minneapolis Mayor To Announce Gay Marriage Pitch

(Chicago, IL)  --  The Mayor of Minneapolis is heading to the Windy City today to unveil an ad campaign aimed at encouraging Illinois' gay couples to marry in Minnesota.  Mayor R.T. Ryback will talk-up the campaign at the Center on Halstead in Lakeview.  Minnesota recently passed a law to legalize homosexual unions.  A similar effort failed in the Illinois legislature three-months ago.

>>Insurance Carrier To Boost IL Auto Rates

(Undated)  --  One of the nation's largest insurance carriers says it's raising its rates in Illinois.  State Farm Insurance says it will boost its prices for auto insurance by as much as four-percent.  The changes are effective September 30th.

>>Ex-Emanuel Aide To Run Daley Campaign

(Springfield, IL)  --  One of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's former aides will reportedly manage Bill Daley's gubernatorial campaign.  "Crain's" says veteran campaign advisor Tom Bowen was hired by the Daley camp.  Bowen says he's taking the challenge because he believes Illinois needs strong leaders.


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