>>Scammers May Be Lurking With ACA Startup

(Chicago, IL)  --  Attorney General Lisa Madigan says people should keep an eye out for scammers looking to make a quick buck off the new healthcare exchange.  She reminds people not to give personal information to strangers over the phone or to those who show up at your door trying to sell a discounted healthcare plan.  Also note that none of the certified specialists working with Get Covered Illinois will ask you to pay for help.  Madigan says the safest way to get coverage is by going directly through the exchange at or by calling 866-311-1119.

>>Congressmen Not Accepting Pay During Shutdown

(Washington, DC)  --  Several Illinois Congressmen aren’t accepting their paychecks during the government shutdown.  Congressmen Bill Foster and Bill Enyart say they’ll donate their money to charity.  Randy Hultgren says he’ll revoke his pay until Congress reaches a solution.  And Brad Schneider says he’ll return his money to the U.S. Treasury.  He says in the real world, people who don’t work, don’t get paid.

>>State Workers Get Pink Slips During Shutdown

(Undated)  --  Dozens of Illinois workers who get paid with federal money have been laid off.  The “Chicago Tribune” reports nearly 100 state workers got pink slips yesterday.  Most of them work with Military Affairs and Employment Security as administrators, engineers, or analysts.  Many are expected to get their jobs back once the government resumes business.

>>Concealed Carry Applications Available January 5th

(Springfield, IL)  --   People who want to conceal a gun in Illinois can apply for a license as early as January 5th.  But, they’ll want to complete a training program before they apply.  The program should include courses on how to handle a gun, and how to shoot, load, unload, clean, and care for the weapon.  A list of acceptable, certified trainers is available on the Illinois State Police website.

>>Lawmakers Not Rushing To Give ADM Tax Breaks

(Chicago, IL)  --  There seems to be little appetite among Illinois lawmakers to pay agribusiness giant Archer Daniels Midland to move from one part of Illinois to another.  ADM wants to move its world headquarters out of the small, downstate city of Decatur and into Chicago where it can have quicker access to its international customers.  But, they’re asking the state to give them 20-million-dollars in tax incentives to stay in Illinois.  Lawmakers are hesitant about providing the incentive, partly because ADM is a 24-billion-dollar company.

>>Chicago Woman Quits Job, Becomes Internet Phenom

(Taipei, Taiwan)  --  A Chicago woman has become an instant internet phenom after quitting her job, via video.  Marina Shifrin was a Comedy-writer for Next Media Animation in Taipei, Taiwan.  She helped create viral videos but she says her boss focused too little on content and too much on how many hits the video received.  So, Shifrin decided to prove that content is just as important as views.  She made a video of herself dancing around the office at 4:30a.m., then she dropped the bomb at the end, telling her bosses she’d quit.  Her video has received about five-million hits. 

>>Rough Start For Health Care Act

(Undated)  --  The Affordable Care Act is undergoing a rough start in Illinois.  The "Tribune" says customers have had difficulty logging onto the federal Internet website to register and buy a health plan.  The government's healthcare-dot-gov website delayed customers yesterday with a rash of technical snafus.  Officials said the site had nearly three-million visits during a 16-hour window.            

>>Firm Wants Millions In State Incentives

(Decatur, IL)  --  Agriculture giant Archer Daniels Midland is asking for more than 20-million-dollars in state incentives to stop its planned move out of Illinois.  The "Tribune" says the Decatur-based firm wants to move its headquarters out of Illinois.  A-D-M told a state finance committee it wants one-point-two-million-dollars annually for 20-years.  The Illinois House is working on a bill that would give A-D-M huge tax credits and breaks on the price it pays for electricity.

>>IL Congress Members Will Give Back Paychecks

(Undated)  --  Several of Illinois' members of Congress say they won't take any pay for the duration of the federal shutdown.  Representatives Bill Foster and Randy Hultgren say they will either donate their pay or give it back.  Congress members say it's their responsibility since so many people will be adversely affected by the shutdown.  Members of Congress are paid 174-thousand-dollars annually.

>>OMG: IL Troopers Cite 100-Plus Drivers For Texting

(Undated)  --  State Troopers say they cited more than 100 drivers caught illegally sending text messages while behind the wheel on the Kennedy Expressway.  The crackdown was Monday.  During a mere two-hour window at two specific points on the Expressway Troopers issued 135 citations for distracted driving.  One driver was also cited for allegedly shaving.


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